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ESOP transactions require planning. SG&F collaborates with the transaction analysis technicians at our sister consulting firm, SES Advisors, to help you consider all key alternatives in designing your ESOP transaction, ensuring the final structure will meet company and shareholder goals. We review and advise our clients on the differences between minority and majority/100% ESOP transaction structures, bank and other third-party financing vs. seller financing, management investment alternatives, ESOP plan design alternatives, use of Section 1042/capital gains deferral, and all of the other important transaction structure and design alternatives to help you achieve the best possible ESOP transaction.

Our goal is to use our vast experience across hundreds of ESOP transactions and clients to help you see around corners and anticipate issues and opportunities. We help you balance opportunity against complexity and cost, showing you all state-of-the-art techniques that may be useful but recognizing that we do not always need to use every tool in the bag. Our advisory approach is “client-centric” rather than “product-centric” and we will help you determine whether an ESOP fits your specific goals and objectives, and how to best accomplish an appropriate ESOP transaction.

Our team makes the implementation process as smooth, quick and painless as possible while making sure no detail is missed. We understand that ESOP transactions can involve multiple parties with multiple goals, and we anticipate and solve issues before they become problems. We are also mindful of cost, staffing matters to meet your budget rather than ours.

Who does SG&F Represent?

SG&F represents companies and their shareholders considering and implementing ESOP transactions. Sometimes we represent the ESOP trustees in the transaction process of purchasing or selling company stock on behalf of the ESOP. We also regularly represent banks and other financial institutions as lenders to ESOP company sponsors, and at times we represent management, unions, individual shareholders, or third-party buyers considering their role in the course of an ESOP transaction.

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